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Full Employer of Record & Payroll Funding
Services Designed for Independent Recruiters

ARG provides stand-alone full service employer of record and payroll funding services exclusively for the staffing industry. Since 1998, independent recruiters and staffing owners have trusted ARG to deliver customizable back office solutions that maximize per hour profits and saves valuable time. Here are 4 reasons why ARG continues to be the preferred back office provider among staffing professionals:
  • Earn the highest profit per hour guaranteed or get a $100 Amex gift card FREE!
  • Enjoy a FREE suite of powerful recruiting tools, training & services.
  • Turn-key cutting edge technology designed for how independent staffing firms do business.
  • No conflict of interest with your clients because we ONLY partner with staffing professionals.
ARG is a national full-funding, payroll service with multiple back-office solutions with the flexibility to change as your business grows. We provide a comprehensive suite of services including employer of record services, payroll funding and payroll processing with complete back office support. We utilize a high tech with high touch approach streamlining the candidate on-boarding process. This means little to NO administrative burden for you allowing more time to focus on building your client and candidate relationships!

Whether your business is "die hard" temp/contract or you just "dabble" to make extra earnings, ARG will customize the most profitable solution for your business guaranteed. Enjoy everything a traditional payroll service provides and so much more for less. It's time to earn more and get more with ARG!